Centre of Promoting enterpreneurship Prague (CPEP)


Civic Association Centre of Promoting enterpreneurship Prague (Centrum podpory podnikání Praha, non profit organisation) was founded in 2009 with the main aim to support growth of education and to broaden offer of education for entrepreneurs and their employees.

We develop our activities in two different, yet connected areas: firstly, it is the reintegration of former condemned back on the labour market, secondly, the area of equal employment opportunities.

Equal employment opportunities

We want to contribute to the improvement of the conditions for starting entrepreneurship of parents (mainly mothers) because we believe it is the most effective way of comeback or integration on the labour market. Therefore one of the basic instruments is educational courses mainly focused on basics of entrepreneurship. The target group are either disabled or parents, women and mothers, which are coming back into the working process after paternal/maternal leave or they just experienced the discrimination because of their social status or identity. Through the training in basics of the business, work life balance and motivational psychological counselling we show our clients the way how to get self-fulfilment and succeed on the labour market. One of the new methods is coworking. It allows working in the groups which has a positive effect on motivation and self-esteem of starting entrepreneurs. It gives the members of coworking teams an important feedback. CPPP also successfully started to cooperate with international partners. From the partnership with entrenched Polish non-profit organization Fundacja MaMa, which focuses on women/mothers rights, we expect gaining knowledge and methods for improvement women rights on the labour market. Connection with Swedish partner, coworking space Coffice in Stockholm, is on the other hand the source for more professional and innovative keeping of our coworking centre Podnikání všem in city of Kladno.

We are now working on this project:

  • Entrepreneurship as an effective way to reintegrate women on maternity leave into the labour market - priority of this project is to support women and men on maternity leave and to facilitate their reintegration into labour market by starting their own entrepreneurship.